ABOUT Felonice 

Since childhood, Felonice had always held a passion for the arts - from photography and fine arts to music and theatre. Felonice knew her home was creating and she has never stopped since.
During her college years, she became connected with her college newspaper and became the Entertainment Editor since she was heavily involved in the theatre department at her school. From there she was promoted to co-editor and her passion for page layout and graphic design grew.
Before opening her own company in 2008, Felonice gained valuable experience working at a variety of companies from 1998-2008 including Local Newspapers, a Web Design firm, and a Screen Printing/Sign Shop. The variety of work at these companies taught her many different aspects of design work and often on a tight and quick deadline. She worked on all kinds of projects from page layout to t-shirt design, website development, trade show displays, signage, vinyl lettering, vehicle wraps, and direct mail pieces.
Felonice has always had a passion for Print and Media. She has worked for a variety of daily and weekly newspapers and monthly magazines in their editorial and advertising departments. "There is something about holding the finished product in your hand, and turning the pages"
In 2008, she found herself in quite a predicament. Felonice was 6 months pregnant with her first child and the company she worked for was outsourcing her job to India. It ended up being the best thing that ever happens to her as she started her own company, Felonice Designs.
Felonice has served as creative director for some monthly publications including Treasure Coast Parenting working with them on a monthly basis to layout and produce their publication. Upon moving to Palm Beach County in 2010, she noticed there was a lack of local parenting information in her new hometown. Since she was already complying with information on places to take her 18-month-old daughter at the time and with her media background, she decided to launch her own magazine, PB Parenting Magazine.
Ten years later, PB Parenting has grown not only in distribution but in editorial and advertising staff. The monthly magazine and website serve all of Palm Beach County as a parenting resource helping parents become connected with local businesses.  Felonice is the publisher and oversees the creation of the publication each month with her team. You can check out PB Parenting out at www.pbparenting.com.
Felonice is always hustling in between publishing PB Parenting and raising two kids, she also enjoys the arts, theatre, music, writing about food, and traveling with her husband. Currently, she takes on freelance design projects from logo design to business cards and even website creation. Drop her an email at felonicedesigns@gmail.com and let her help you come up with your next idea or project.